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JMJ Program and Hokey

Last year,august 2011, I was in an excellent program made in Spain(Madrid). I will emphasize on my experiences that I have had in some part,for example Castellon(Villa Real and Madrid). First,to be among more than 2 million people under sunshine,which reminds me of Haiti(summer holidays).Then,I was at the sea,I felt as if I was at home with fresh air,and enjoyed ourselves,it was wonderful.

Secondly,how people gather together in an airport(from this situation you could find many kinds of people who did not know God and came to hear the God’s word). Third,how the Pope and his vicinity organized themselves to care of more than 2 million people,it is not an easy task,but to say truth,with God,everything is easy. It was well done.


A date that will maybe be engraved in my memory when  I was in hokey match,on sunday 11,March. I will tell you why : not only it was my first time that I have seen a hokey match,but also,there were things so interresting that pleased me. There were two teams,Zvolen and Skalica. First of all I was not a fan of any,I was just an assistant. Many people are claimed for Skalica,and a few for the other. So,I wanted that Zvolen equalized with Skalica,because Skalica was 2 goals against it.I wanted it,just in order that the game have another look.

  unlocky I was,they have had the goalKeeper out of the game for a few minutes,which is caused the worst despair for me,then Skalica scored two other goals. As a matter of fact,as far as the eye can see,both were good,but the output of the goalKeeper makes the game become harder for Zvolen. If this,did not happen,maybe,,we could have 2 against 2 .

autor: Jean Rosemond Dora, študent