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Spomienky na Madrid

August 2011, I was in Spain, specialy Vila real and Madrid for JMJ. It was my first time in my life in this program and I really like it. I have many experience in this time, I have also new friend. As we can see this picture, My brother Jean Rosemond Dora and me( Jean-Colin Dora) with another person with one flag, it was my friend from Haiti we had a long time that we didn´t meet and this time we met there, we had fun and many pictures together because we were very happy.

 When I was in Spain I visited 2 stadium, ( in Vila real and Madrid) it was perfect time with my friends. We had holy Mass and pray. I can say really, that I was really happy until now I am happy because I have this experience in my life.

Many news things in my life, I didn´t see where and didn´t know how a person can play ice hockey, but 11 March 2012, I know and have experience.  My favorite sport is florball , I think one day I can be a hockey player because I really like this kind of sport.  From this time I see how they play hockey, I am happy and want to play, first florball better and after I want try hockey .

autor: Jean Colin Dora, študent