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How was my stay in Italy (Roma) …

How was my stay in Italy (Roma),and how did I feel because of that new “Culture”?

Every yearChurch uses to celebrate the Easter(time when Jesus died for us), which reveals how grate His Love for us actually is. This year,I found an opportunity to go there and enjoy sharing the God’s Word with other people. I am going to explain what was my sta there like.

Generally, I found it good. Every day we visited some places,some old Churcheswhich I used to see just on TV. Really,visiting places was something that pleased us,but the main thing that one needs most of all,is a “Pure heart”,which noone can find for himself/herself,except through lord almighty- through Holly Spirit.

We prayed almost everywhere we went,for Bible says:may you let God know your needs through Prayers.-

Obviously,once there exist a lot of countries, we are supposed to face different Cultures. So, to know how to adapt to a new Culture,it is necessary for each of us to consider the one we are going to face as if it was our own,referring to the Ethnocentrism.

Jean Rosemond Dora,

Grazie mille